"JustUs" has uncovered LW Management's malfeasance in maintaining our Trust properties as documented in the gallery photos.

This documented malfeasance occurred as a result of failed LWMC oversight combined with lack of pride, no initiative and an attitude of indifference.

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LWCC and LWMC won't listen to residents, but they jump when the fire marshal calls

From: "Goldstein, Scott" <Scott.Goldstein@montgomerycountymd.gov>

Date: April 9, 2019 8:31:59 AM EDT

To: "admin@justus.group" <admin@justus.group>

"Howard Richards, Dorcus" <Dorcus.Howard@montgomerycountymd.gov>

Subject: RE: : Golf Maintenance Area`

Ms Katzman,

I have checked with the Department of Permitting Services staff and the fuel tanks in question are empty and have been out of service since May, 9, 2018.

There is a pending approval of their tank application and before such time as bulk fuel is stored in the tanks – the wood pile must be removed.

Thanks for your question and concern and I hope this response is helpful

Scott E. Goldstein

Fire Chief

Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service

100 Edison Park Drive, 2nd Floor

Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878

Office 240-777-2464

Fax 240-777-2415

Cell - 240-832-2598


Before JustUs Intervention

After JustUs Intervention

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