Neglect--What's New

November 20, 2018 Door issue continues to go undetected by management. However, the pin on the floor is missing. Did the missing pin finally get swept up by the janitor?

October 30, 2018 Door issue continues to go undetected by management

Clubhouse 1 Door Closer Issue Noted October 20, 2018

September 30, 2018 Maryland Room blind--will anyone notice or care that the slat is dangling?

Behind Clubhouse I Lanai September 29, 2018-- black paint completely weathered off

Paint Me Please Video


Three places on Gleneagles Dr. where concrete has deteriorated and gone without repair

Before JustUs Intervention--clogged drain with standing water at clubhouse 1

After Justus intervention.

Exit administration parking lot. This light has been this pushed over for a couple of weeks

Continued neglect at the administration building. On top of the administration building.

PPD Area--Wall repairs, painting, dirty signs, dry rotted AC insulation,

Insulation dry rotted off increase AC usage and lowers efficiency

Need to pay attention to drains

Medical Center Building--opening allows insects and rodents to enter the building