TMO Articles Censored by LW management

The wording originally submitted for publication, is seen below the censored articles --management, without notifying the author - removed/censored all references to the TMO survey re: the general manager and LW BOD responsibility for the run down condition of the trust properties, faulty mutual elections, etc.

Below is the article as submitted to the LW Newspaper

These meetings are held to inform and involve LW residents in issues affecting them, such as the proposal to demolish the current administration building and construct a new one, the funding of a strategic plan, the structure and operation of the LW Board of Directors and the accompanying community governance dysfunction, the improper involvement of LWMC employees in mutual elections, and the fact that the LW Board of Directors is illegally constituted as a governing board of a Home Owners’ Association, as defined by the Maryland State HOA Act (IIB-III.2).

In support of its activities and goals, TMO has launched a website: It features information on topics that were addressed at the first Town Hall Meeting as well as on topics for future meetings. One prominent feature is a one-question survey concerning the renewal of the Community’s General Manager contract. Other surveys will be added as appropriate.

Free Internet access to participate in TMO surveys is available at the Computer Center in Clubhouse 2, throughout both LW Clubhouses, and at local libraries.

On the TMO website, there is a link to the “JustUs” website displaying pictures of the deterioration of Leisure World trust properties. Both the TMO website and the “JustUs” website have links so that users may submit comments, questions, and requests for assistance for situations within the LW community.

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