Hazardous Material

Another example of LW indifference, lack of initiative and pride by LW in maintaining the facilities.

Upon discovering hazardous materials strewn in a CH 2 area open to the public, "JustUs" reported it to the county. Two days prior to this report, the General Manager was seen walking around the area (see videos below). Had he instructed staff to clean up the hazardous materials, in accordance with Montgomery County laws, "JustUs" would not have had to report this to the County.

Montgomery County EPA inspectors visited the clubhouse and gave LW a week to clean up the hazard. LW cleaned up the site and repaired the fence the next day. The question is, why were hazardous materials allowed to be dumped and remain in clear sight of upper management?

Clubhouse II Pool Material

Flannery inspecting ch 2 pool area.mp4
Flannery inspecting ch 2 pool area 2.mp4

Garden Plot Area

"JustUs" believes that LWMC committed fraud when filing for hazardous material use permits with Montgomery County. LW has four locations where hazardous materials are used. "JustUs" obtained the document below which reflects only two locations as having been permitted by the county. "JustUs" is in the process of a Books and Records request from LW to determine if Montgomery County issued LW another violation."

LW Hazmat license.pdf