Owners oppose increasing the resale fees

Leisure World employee pleads guilty-poaching & loaded crossbow

UPDATE - re: Admin.Bldg.

Park and Planning Delays LW site plan approval:


Class Action Lawsuit Against LW

The time has come to bring Democracy to LW, and to replace the current appointed LW BOD with a 7 to 9 member elected BOD.

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Code Violations, LW Restaurant Issues, Hazardous Material, Drainage, Neglect, Cosmetics, Permanent Records Storage, Security Fence Problems, Community Area,

LW-GM Must Resign

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"JustUs" Advocates to Enhance the Quality of Life for all Leisure World Residents

The Leisure World Board of Directors is responsible to ensure that LW Trust properties are properly maintained. They have ultimate responsibility for oversight of the General Manager, Kevin Flannery.

How are They Doing?

You Be The Judge