Improperly Disposed Checks

The video below shows Sheryl Katzman presenting the box of at least 200 check photocopies (many written by LWCC BOD representatives or their spouse - all left on the curb by E&R at night awaiting newspaper pick up the next day) - all showing the check writers name/address/signature/bank account name/number and routing number.

A minute or so into the video, you will hear Marion Harrington, President Mutual 5, cackling the question "So what do you expect us to do about it--?"

bod mtg.MTS

Why is the E&R Director allowing residents personal banking documents to be placed on the street rather than in the locked shredding containers located in LW trust buildings?

Dozens of resident written checks from 2014 were put out on the street with discarded LW News papers this evening for paper/newspaper for Weds. paper/newspaper pickup.