The photos below reflect a lack of pride and an attitude of indifference in maintaining the buildings and infrastructure.

The black insulation around the cooling pipes is necessary to keep the cooling liquid cool to reduce the cost to cool buildings. Pipes are exposed to the heat of the day lose their cooling efficiency. Thus, AC units run longer to keep the air cool resulting in higher electricity costs paid by resident fees. Additionally, operating the AC units longer reduces the life span of the units requiring early than necessary replacement.

Clubhouse I

Light poles with paint worn off

Doors on facility faded and worn paint allows cracking of paint and wood. If left unpainted, doors may have to be replaced.

The door to the general manager's office requires paint

PPD Area


Wire mesh is supposed to keep animals and birds from nesting under the roof.

Where's the missing downspout?

oh - there it is on the ground

This is where the downspout belongs.

Trash galore

More trash

Neglected vent wood frame requires painting

Roof siding missing and bare wood exposed

Missing downspout elbow results in foundation damage

Medical Center -

AC and Mechanical Room

Insulation Dry Rot = inefficient cooling, higher energy costs and earlier than normal replacement all at residents' expense

Insulation dry rot

Insulation dry rot causes loss of efficiency

Perhaps the technician will replace the insulation after repairing the above unit.

Golf Shop Area

Cracks in door above

Greens II Pond Building

Just opened Clubhouse I Pool Men's Locker Room