LW Organizational Chart

Leisure World


Leisure World of Maryland Corp. (LWMC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Leisure World Community Corporation (LWCC) homeowners association

Governance Structure of Leisure World of Maryland

Management Team

Leisure World of Maryland Corporation (LWMC) manages our community. LWMC oversees 29 housing associations, called “mutuals,” and also manages the Leisure World of Maryland Trust, which includes all common property—buildings, grounds, and amenities—throughout our community.

The management team is led by the president of LWMC, who also serves as general manager of the community. Supporting the president, the organization’s officers provide financial oversight, expertise in community administration and management, and grounds and infrastructure maintenance. Meet the officers of the management team:

  • Kevin Flannery, President and General Manager

  • Tom Snyder, Vice President and Assistant General Manager for Facilities & Services

  • Melissa Pelaez, Vice President and Assistant General Manager of Mutual Operations & Property Management

  • Crystal Castillo, Secretary and Assistant General Manager of Support Services

  • Dawn Gaynor, Treasurer and Director of Accounting & Finance

LWMC employs full- and part-time staff members who work in a variety of departments: administration, property management, educational and recreational programming, security, and maintenance and repair services.

Governing Structure

Board of Directors

The Leisure World Community Corporation (LWCC) Board of Directors governs the community. The board is a voting body and controls the annual budget, makes decisions regarding major contracts and projects, and determines Trust policies, programs, and services. It is NOT elected by the member/unit owners.

The board is composed of directors assigned (not elected by mutual member/unit owners). The Leisure World executive committee is made up of members of the board of directors. The board elects the executive committee of the board—the officers, in addition to four at-large members:

Phil Marks, Chair

David Polinsky, Vice Chair

Henry Jordan, Secretary-Treasurer

LWMC is a wholly owned subsidiary of LWCC. The board appoints the officers of LWMC.

Advisory Committees

Composed of residents, advisory committees are appointed by the board of directors to review and monitor specific programs and services. Committees try to work with management and staff to identify needs and potential issues and make recommendations to the board through the executive committee.

Committee members are recommended by mutual presidents and appointed by the chair of the board of directors. Residents whose background, experience and interests align with a particular committee are encouraged to volunteer through their mutual president. Current advisory committees include:

  • Audit

  • Budget & Finance

  • Communications

  • Community Planning

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Energy

  • Education & Recreation

  • Golf & Greens

  • Government Affairs

  • Health

  • Insurance

  • Landscape

  • Physical Properties

  • Restaurant

  • Security & Transportation

  • Tennis & Pickleball

Special Committees

Special committees are appointed periodically by the board to address targeted issues for a limited period of time. Current special committees are:

  • Personnel

  • Strategic Planning

  • Technology

Mutual Leadership

The LWCC board only addresses Leisure World Trust matters. Each of the 29 housing communities, known as “mutuals,” controls its own budget, sets its own policies, and is governed by a board of directors elected annually by the residents of the housing association. Representatives appointed by each mutual board of directors are on the "umbrella" Leisure World Board of Directors