Trust Buildings:

Improper Drainage

Bad Drainage Causes Mold and Deteriorates a Foundation. A walk around the LW Trust buildings revealed a number of areas where water either puddled or was allowed to drain within inches of the building foundations

Administration Building

Ground sloping to the left and no drainage tube to carry water away from the building.

No drainage tube to carry the water away from the building.

One can clearly see the water leaking from the downspout versus going out the drainage tube.

Clubhouse I

Medical Center Area

Above Downspout elbow about to come off

Elbow off the downspout

Below Golf Maintenance Area

Golf club area

What's wrong with the picture below?

Concrete water distributor placed backwards

Broken strap

Normally, the elbow of the drain goes into drain extender and not the way it is installed in the picture. Therefore water will spill out rather than drain through the piping.

No drainage device to move the water away from the building results in a hole in the ground