So that explains it-

"---it's a condensate line."


Photos taken atop the Leisure World Administration Building:

As seen in the transcript below, during the August 28, 2018 LW Board meeting, board member David Frager asked LW General Manager Kevin Flannery about "pictures showing water damage and what have you."

GM Flannery's response quoted below clearly indicates that either he has no idea about what he states or it is a fabrication of his imagination:

"Ya know, a picture of a PVC pipe coming off a roof that hangs a little bit over a gutter - number 1 it's not a storm drain, it's a condensate line. Ya don't have gushing water coming out there, it's a slow drip. So some of the pictures, ya know there's obviously a motivation to make management look worse than what we are, and that we don't pay attention and that's just not the case and I think on any given day, if someone wishes to walk through the trust properties you're going to find something. These are big buildings ya know and there's a lot of 'um. But that doesn't dismiss our responsibility to be a bit more aware and responsive.

There are some areas that Tom and I are going to sit down and talk more about regular and routine inspections and accountability - a picture of a PVC pipe that hangs there's some areas out there that Tom and I both admit need some cleaning up - whether it be some power spraying or looking at a downspout here and there. We'll get on 'um."

Sitting silent and saying nothing about the inaccurate statements being made by his boss, was Tom Snyder, Vice President and Assistant General Manager for Facilities & Services. As is their usual posture, the board of directors representatives sat silent as they lapped up Flannery's inaccurate attempt to downplay and dismiss the significance of the water draining from the roof and condensate lines flowing directly onto the ground, versus going into a gutter.

Mr. Flannery's statement "if someone wishes to walk through the trust properties you're going to find something" is spot on.

As seen on the "JustUs" website, there is a whole lot more proof of "something(s) going on" i.e. rust, dirt, cracking and chipping of painted surfaces as a result of the General Manager's neglected responsibility to properly maintain trust properties.

According to the Leisure World governing documents - OUR money- OUR mandatory fees are for the purpose of maintaining the trust properties in good condition.

Leisure World residents must ask:

• WHY are the Trust properties in such disrepair?

• Why has the LWCC BOD allowed the General Manager and his employees to mismanage the funds in this manner?

• WHY is the LWCC BOD being allowed to continue not doing anything about it?

DID YOU KNOW: On August 28, 2018, in a closed session and in violation of the CCOC stay on any contractual expenditures, the LWCC Board of Directors extended Kevin Flannery's employee contract for one year.

How fortunate for residents--more of the same - an employee being paid $204,000 plus all paid benefits - doing nothing for another year.

One would think that the drains should be going into gutters rather than allowed to be left standing on the roof. Leaving water on the roof increases the likelihood of water seeping into the building.

upper roof na ver x.mp4
upper roof na.mp4
lower roof na.mp4

Notice how much water remains on the roof after three or four days of sunny weather?

Notice in the picture below, that leaves clutter the drain blocking the water from going into the drain.

Rust dominates a lot of trust properties and equipment.