LW Board Meeting August 28, 2018

Sheryl Katzman puts LW board on notice that there is a CCOC stay in place and the board is in violation of the stay- listen as for a brief moment after David Polinksy hurls an insult causing a general uproar in the entire room

SLK advising board violating.mp4

Tom Conger speaks out on mold remediation in admin building

Tom Conger admin bldg.mp4

Natalie Brodsky chastises general manager for disrespecting residents during open forum

Natalie b.mp4

Carl Dahlstrom speaks out on food safety

Carl D.mp4

Sheryl Katzman goes on record about communications not being published

sheryl k.mp4

Listen to the entire audio of the August 28, 2018 LW board meeting

8-28-18 LW BOD.MP3