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Restaurant Kitchen Area back door unlocked September 30, 2018

Kitchen Backdoor Open to all including rodents, birds and insects. Note the water spot on the ground and no rain that day--September 29, 2018

Inside kitchen windows open and need cleaning

On duty manager/owner

August 4, 2018 - Photos courtesy of LW resident Judy Rosenthal who writes: " Amazed to see how many table legs have napkins under them! Very classy!"

Why are the napkins necessary when the restaurant was "recently" renovated and the floor replaced twice? Why was the floor replaced twice? Is the concrete not level, and if so, there is leveling concrete that would resolve that problem? What is the problem--the concrete or a bad installation of flooring? Did LWMC do their requirements homework before issuing a contract? Who is responsible for checking and accepting the contractor's work? Why does the floor move down in some locations when stepped on? Who is signing off on an invoice to pay contractors and either not checking the work first or failing to have the work done properly? Are the table feet adjustable, and if not, why not? Last question: Who is being held accountable for this apparently shoddy work?