Paint, Caulk, General Cleaning and Repairs

Residents pay good money to keep the infrastructure in a "like new" condition. Where is the pride of paid employees and the volunteers on the LW board and various committees in maintaining our facilities in good condition?

Admin Building

Unplugged holes in walls allows insects and rodents access to the building

Clubhouse I

Picture is of Maryland Room doors

Does it really take 2 months to get parts for a door?

Two of the four doors in the Art Studio are inoperable--why?

The Terrace Room Door above was moved from the Clubhouse Grille and installed in its current location. Notice that the adhesive spelling of Clubhouse Grille was left on the door instead of cleaning it off. Another example of the shoddy, non- professional work performed by PPD at our expense.

Lights remained on 24 hours per day 7 days a week. "JustUs" had to advise LW Management of the problem.

Two pictures below are of Clubhouse 1 boiler room

Clubhouse II

Insulation peeling away from the door.

Wall in picture needs touch up paint

The next five pictures below are from the men's locker room in Clubhouse II

Picture shows wall requires touch up paint

Partially painted wall. It appears that the different paint colors start at the ceiling and extends down a few meet to where the new paint appears.

The dead mouse laid there for at least 17 days until "JustUs" notified the County Health Department

Picture reflects dirty wall at the floor level that should be painted

Another wall requires painting

The door in the picture is the storage room door hiding the messy area in the next three pictures.

Storage room pictures below

Below picture shows wall requiring paint

Below parking light with glass broken on the left side

Doors are rusting and require paint